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Welcome to the Broker Commisions Reference Architecture!

The Broker Commisions Reference Architecture is a applicaiton built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using a wide variey of technologies to expose a lending scenario for the banking industry. This reference architecture is based on both web serivces and LIXI industry standards.

The broker commisions scenario shows how lenders can solve the issue of autogenerating commisions from existing LOB systems into a consumable format. Excel 2007 Open XML and LIXI are used throughout this scenario.

Components include:
  • Site Template
  • Windows Workflow Components
  • LIXI Commisions Generator Component
  • Excel based Commisions Report w/ Custom XML

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1. Windows Server 2003
2. Internet Information Services 6.0
3. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
4. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
5. Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition

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